Diverse Tradesmen is more than just a general contracting company. Based out of Lancaster Ohio, they've taken a very unique approach to the business. By opening themselves to any and all jobs, they've created a single point of contact to solve all of their clientele's construction needs. If they can't already skillfully complete the work at hand they broker it out to a large list of close and trusted business partners who can.
This uncommon approach to the industry posed a tough branding challenge. The goal was to create a logo that was non-descriptive but still instantly communicated Diverse Tradesmen's services. Since the company has no niche, defined service, or common motif, describing their roles in the industry had to avoid pigeonholing and excluding them from potential work and let the public know they were ready and willing to take on any job that could be thrown their way.

| Andrew Thompson: Branding, Renderings |