Hello! My name is Andrew Thompson.​ I'm​ a ​multi-disciplinary ​freelance graphic designer​, artist and image maker, currently residing in Columbus Ohio.

Since graduating with ​my bachelors in graphic design​ in 2009,​ ​I've been working as a packaging​/​print designer, building my freelance graphic design career, collaborating​ with some amazing clients and designers​, and soaking up a whole lot of industry knowledge. 

With 6 years of education in the commercial arts and an ever expanding timeline as an industry professional, I bring a wide range of practical knowledge and skills to every project I work on. Through the utilization of aesthetic and ​strategic evaluation ​and professionally developed​ project management skills I'm able ​to anticipate future needs​ and ​create ​valuable, ​well timed marketing strategies for ​my ​​clients.​ I aim to take​​​ a​ client's ​unique ​needs​ and ​formulate a ​potent selling ​device​, product​, promotion​al​ piece​ or strategy to ​hit ​their​ specific ​target, all while making sure we take pleasure in the process!

​When I'm not designing I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, fine tuning my fine art skills, digging into art history, keeping myself healthy and fitting in a bit of adventuring.